Staying Healthy Is as Easy as Vitamins A, B and C

Visit Missoula, MT’s preferred vitamin and nutritional supplement store

Whether you’re a health nut or you’re trying to watch your weight, you’ll appreciate the wide selection of supplements at Vitality Nutrition. Our locally owned and operated vitamin store has been open for just two years in Missoula, Montana, but our owners have more than 18 years of industry expertise.

If you’d like a supplement consultation, call us at 406-549-1333. We’ll create a list of appropriate supplements based on your dietary needs and goals. You’ll love the warm and friendly feel of our shop. Our knowledgeable staff can help you get more from each meal – stop in today to browse our selection of nutritious shakes, vitamins and more.

3 ways to take your vitamins

Some of our customers hate taking vitamins. They struggle to swallow pills, but they want to nurture their minds and bodies. Here are three hassle-free ways to consume your supplements and vitamins:

  1. Make a smoothie – some pills can be crushed into a fine powder and mixed in with tastier ingredients.
  2. Ask for a liquid – many fish oil pills are exceptionally large, but our suppliers make a liquid form, too.
  3. Cook with herbs – our staff can attest to the healing properties of herbs, so try adding some flavor to your meal tonight.

For more wellness tips, drop by Missoula’s vitamin store.

Why try nutritional sports supplements?

Are you a Missoula, MT athlete? You demand a lot from your body, so it’s essential that you take care of it in return. Vitality Nutrition offers one-on-one shopping assistance. We’ll explain the perks of:

Prioritize joint and cardiovascular health. You’ll perform better in the gym and on the field.

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